Octane X renderer

Has any one tried the new octane X pre release that was shipped today?

Does it have a rhino plugin?

What’s it like?

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It does not have a Rhino plugin yet, but there is one in the plans! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


It doesn’t sound so certain.

Awaiting to hear how best to register interest but it sounds very much like we will need to express interest in it for them to develop the plugin.


@robinp Thanks for sharing!

Yes I totally agree - let´s do that. I already texted them per mail and they said that Octane X will be supported for Rhino Mac as well, but that the developer is currently dealing with some issues.
Would be cool if everyone who is interested would take 5 mins to express their interest to them, so we can have the Rhino Mac version sooner than later. :martial_arts_uniform:

Here is also a nice response by Jules Urbach from the Facebook group:

Rhino Mac seems to be a different deal than the other PlugIns since there was no version before to build on…

All the best,

btw: haven’t tried OctaneX yet, but will do so after my current project is finished.

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Does not sound so good

That’s a shame. I really get a feeling that mcneel really aren’t that into providing support for 3rd party render plugins. It’s been so many years now and still developers are saying it’s not feasible.