Objects with Document User Text selection

Hi All.

Is it possible to select all objects with particular Document User Text?
As I know its possible to do for Attribute User text. And what about Document User text?

As far as I know - as the name of the function implies - document user text is stored in the document, not on any individual object. Thus it is not possible to select objects having this text, one can simply see if the document (file) itself has a user text stored.


The SelKeyValue and SelValue commands should be able to do this for you provided that your document text key value pairs are applied to some objects in the document.

No, Document user text is inside Leader’s text in my case. And I want to select all the leaders and texts which hold particular Doc user text.

SelKeyValue and SelValue look at the objects stored key values in its user strings table.

You could put your document text on the leaders user text table and SelValue would then work on the leaders.

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Thank you. I’ll think on this method. Maybe it will be useful for me.