Object dimensions


I was wondering if there is some visual assistance of the dimensions when you create an object in Rhino ?

For example when creating this box for a tutorial, you input the dimensions, but when you’re done where can you check dimensions of that object and is there a way to change them just by typing in a new numbers ?

In Cinema 4D I had the possibility to easily adjust them just inputting numbers in the object proprieties but I don’t seem to find that in Rhino.



See if you get what you are after using the BoxEdit command.

Other than that (and my preferred work flow) is using the Length command to check dimensions and Scale1 to change a dimension just by typing in new numbers.

In C4D an object created as a box will be a box object. You can apply modifiers, but in general it will remain a box. So it can remember its original dimensions.

In Rhino, every solid is just a collection of surfaces. The box command helps you create a solid that looks like a box. But once you’re done creating, the solid doesn’t know it’s supposed to be a box.

You can measure the dimensions by either placing a dimension annotation, CTRL-Selecting one edge and using the Length command or by using the Distance command from one corner to another.
You can use the Gumball to modify the dimensions: Place the Gumball to one corner and align the scale handles to fit the opposite faces. Once you start to drag one scale handle, you can type a number to give that dimension an exact value.

Thanks Wim and HaLo,

I think it’s the change of working that I need to get used to. The dimension annotations & gumball should be good solutions too.

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When needing to do this I find that box edit works perfectly, try it and I think you will agree.

All my best … Danny

Thanks Danny will check that out, I tried boxediting with a tutorial here, but I’m a little too new it so needs more time :slight_smile:

best wishes, Hans

You really don’t need a tutorial for boxedit. Just select the box, type boxedit and then you have a panel that’s just like the object properties panel in c4d. Type in another value and hit Apply and the object resizes.