Object Clipping Plane assigment lost after boolean operation

Boolean operations change the GUID number and because of that objects previously included in clipping planes are no longer included.
Named Selections are also lost (this is nothing new). Interestingly, if you choose objects in the right order, the first Object Name is preserved, and Section Style too.

I can’t imagine having to fix my clipping planes after every boolean operation. As long as this issue is not resolved this new clipping system is almost non existing for me. I’m writing this in an alarming tone, because I’m really afraid it will stay like that.
Changes to the Rhino geometry core rules and boolean commands would be much welcomed. It must be clear what happens to attribute user text during these operations.

Clipping Planes and Named Selections must survive geometry changes during our work. When modeling is done I don’t need any of that stuff anymore, at that point, I’m closing Rhino, not setting attributes and other stuff once again.

More robust Named Selections

thanks @Czaja for reporting, this is clearly a bug, but I wonder what you would expect to happen, in case you would make a Boolean Union between an object that is included and one that is not.

RH-76243 Boolean Difference breaks Clippingplane exclusion or inclusion

Right now object selection order decides which object attributes will be kept, the same goes for Layer assignment, Material, etc.
As Rhino develops and is increasingly more than just geometry there might be a need for some kind of option dialog or panel to see results of merging objects with different attributes.
This is a broader topic, but for sure I don’t want to fix clipping planes every once in a while.