OBJ import problem

Is it standard behaviour that an OBJ file can only be imported by opening Rhino and clicking Import?

Right clicking the file in Windows explorer and selecting “Öffnen mit, Rhino 7” in the context menu does open Rhino but it does not open or import the OBJ file. No import options show up.

Drag and drop does not work either.

I dont think this is how it is supposed to be…

STEP files for example can be imported with drag and drop.

Hi Martin,
I’ve tried both “open with” and drag and drop… they works correctly.
Don’t know if this is the case but, could be that you have downloaded the file and you need to “unlock” the file? (Right mouse button, properties)
An example:

The files are from my computer and there is no option to unlock the file.

So could be that there is something wrong with file association.
In the past I had issues opening some file format due to the WIP installed…
Try repair the V7 to see if it solves.

I was able to drag and drop the attached OBJ in both Rhino 5 and Rhino WIP, but not in Rhino 7.

I’m using the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

hand.obj (7.5 MB)

Hi Martin -

That one opens fine into Rhino 7 here.
What happens when you run Import and then select that file? Can you post a screenshot of the import dialog box that opens when you do that?

He can Import but if he use “Open With” from file explorer = no dialog options, only Rhino opens.
Could be that Wip version overwrite or “damage” some V7 settings so Windows can’t pass the file correctly?

Drag and drop just opens Rhino but the file ends up empty.