NYC Rhino Meetup

i am pleased to announce a Rhino User Group meetup in New York City in December

  • Live Demo
  • Q/A
  • Tips and Tricks
  • etc

BYOB :slight_smile:

please stay tuned for the date and location

…and it’s FREE :slight_smile:

message me if you want to be involved or to help me organize

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i’m in with a maybe

Never know what my schedule is day to day but if schedule allows, I’ll be there.

Thanks for posting, I would love to attend. I am interested to see the demonstration of a Rhino - ZBrush workflow, as this is something I’ve had to learn on my own and probably have loads of inefficiencies to sort out.

you work for tom otterness? how is that?
might as well bring him along too :wink: … he has a few sculptures in the metrotech park at the meetup.
(assuming metrotech roadway is where i’m thinking it is… downtown between jay st and the end of myrtle?.. is that the right spot @jean77flip?)

Me too. Bought a license for Zbrush a couple of months ago and haven’t had time to do more than open the program a few times. And I have no idea what the workflow would be - obj out of Z into Rhino?

Curious and Interested

Jeff—You’re right! It’s basically in the plaza at the same address, though that part of Brooklyn is soooo confusing.

From what little bit of ZBrush I can manage it’s great for refining high resolution meshes from 3D scan data. Yeah, lot’s of back and forth, especially when mixing mesh and nurbs models in a larger scene. I will mos def be glad to see what some other folks are doing with it.

i hope to see you guys there.

i would be glad to show you all

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hmm… round up some ladies too ;)

you guys can bring beer and pizza :slight_smile:

Not enough ladies in this business.

every girl i know wants to learn Rhino! so it just a matter of inviting them!!! AHHAHAHA

Hi. I saw this when I opened Rhino earlier. I made an account to post.
If weather permits I’ll try to come. You’ll have another female there. I’ll see if I can bring some beer as well.

Hi guys

for those attending this event

  • feel free to bring beer and refreshments
  • donations are welcome so we can order pizza

see you all there :smile:

Is there a subway station nearby? Thanks, Michael

There’s the Jay Street-MetroTech station that has the F/A/C/R.

G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn if coming crosstown bklyn… not too far a walk

Many thanks. Michael

We would like to reserve two places for the Rhino Meetup.
Thank you,
Dominic Ventura