London Rhino meet-up

Hi Guys,

I’m a new user of rhino and really love the community and discourse platform.

Recently I attended the vray meet up at fosters and partners and thought it was a great event where vray users (prodomently using 3Ds max) shared work and talked over beers.

I know there are a few other 3D based meet-ups​ in London but i wanted to see if anyone would be interested in attending a bi monthly rhino meet up in London?

It could be formatted with a guest speaker and show and tell segments over a few beers in central London.

If anyone thinks this could be worth while leave a comment and I will see if we have enough people to make it happen.



Hi @Rikefe_16

I’m not in London so I can’t really say :-), but there will be a Rhino User Meeting in London coming up in June. It’s organized by SimplyRhino,

Maybe a good starting point to see what other more casual events could be organized?!


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Hi, @Vanessa,

It’s a shame you are not in London, I just saw the meeting I will make sure I try to make it to the event.
I referenced the Vray event that was free and really insightful and had people from all over mainland Europe in attendance.

It was a really nice environment were people shared ideas and workflows to help people achieve better work practices.

It would be nice to have something similar for Rhino that is free and a bit more regular.

Thanks for replying
Let’s keep in touch.


@Rikefe_16 I might make it to London, you never know! In any case, I think it’ll be a good place to meet people that might be interested in a more regular meetup ;-).


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