Nurbs Curves for Grid Distortion in 3 Dimensions

Hi all, I’m relatively new to grasshopper and am working on a tower that involves point charges acting as tensors that distort the box array that the points are dispersed in. The issue comes when i attempt to apply nurbs curves to the network of points. I can do it in two dimensions but can’t seem to get it to work when applied in the Z axis, the curve connects all the points, and i’m trying to make it look more like a distortion of the box array that I have already created. I attached the grasshopper and .3dm file (12.5 KB)
SITE1_EXAMPLE.3dm (81.2 KB) elow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do. What is the result that you’re expecting? What is the line (NURB curve) supposed to trace?

So I want the nurbs to trace the points in the form of a 3D grid. the tensors are applying a field to the points which is what i want, but i want that field to apply to the curves as well. If you can see in the pictures i attached, the points are affected by the point charge but i want the curves trace the points that are affected by the field.

I understand now what you’re trying to do. The problem is with the way the data is organized. At the end you have one big list of points and are telling rhino to draw a line through them all (in the order they appear in the big list). What you want, are many lists of points that correspond to the individual columns and rows of points in the grids. Try using the rectangular or square grid components to generate your points, and try keeping those lists of points (columns and rows) together, so that when you create lines between the points in those lists, they are connected in an organized way.

This topic may help:

Also, I think you could achieve a similar result by using a solid box, using a boolean operation to remove the volume of the sphere from the box, and then contouring the box and sphere (separate geometries, not booleaned together) in the x, y, and z directions. That is, if you’re just want the ‘look’ of the end result and don’t need to do anything with the lines later.

Hi Nicholas Thanks for your reply. I tried your method, forgive me I am new to grasshopper, but I am unable to figure out a component that would at as a mediator between the rectangular grid and the evaluate field. The EvF component only has a point input. I attached a screenshot of where I’m at now. Once again thanks for your help.

I might have misunderstood what you are trying to do but… (14.7 KB)

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