NumPy (or other external lib) on OSX?

I am trying to do some constraint solving (basic 2d stuff) and I want to use numpy (or another lib) to tackle solving the multivariable equations. I see that there is some discussion here, but that is for win32 and seems old.

Is there a way to use external libraries in python on Rhino for Mac?

Is this what you are after?

(hmm… probably not)

Do you know what would be hot?
Julia for Rhino : )

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I don’t think That’s what I meant, but let me go through it more carefully when I have a chance to get away from students. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have an example of what you are trying to solve or what numpy routines you want to call? We probably already have some of this functionality already written in core Rhino and we just need to come up with some good SDK accessible functions.

I am trying to do a reverse bounding box-like problem. ( I know that I can do this in FreeCAD/Solidworks/Grasshopper/etc. but I am trying to live on the mac side of my computer as much as possible and to focus energies on python/rhino. )

Here is the problem:

Find such a rectangle with one set dimension, t, that fits within a larger rectangle with set side lengths of L and W. The interior rectangle’s vertices should be coincident with the sides of the larger rectangle.

A standard parametric constraint problem. I know that I could do some sort of optimization (within some tolerance) script in python. the key is that I would like to solve this numerically, hence NumPy. I can reduce this to a series of equations and then solve the multivariable matrix.

It has been way too long since I took a math class. :unamused:

Looks similar to this thread.… --Mitch

yes, same problem! though the answer seems to have converged on: “just grasshopper it” or “iterative script”. I would like some algebraic method (or outsource the iteration to another, well-established library), hence the external library import.