Number slider input start from 1 to 0?

Number Slider component have to put the min first and the max in the end.
But , I want to make slider start from 1 to 0 instead of 0 to 1.
Is it possible ?
Thank you guys!


Thank you so much!
I thought Remap Numbers could only be used for list.

You could also use an expression.
If you want literal have the slider from 1 to 0 you could put Abs(-x) in the expression of the slider:

Just use 1 - x. Assuming your range is 0…1 you don’t need the abs().

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I support this wish. It is necessary on numerous occasions and really do not get why it is not allowed. Using additional components to get a proper output is, for lack of a better word, dull.

Did you try the one with the expression set to 1-x? No additional components used.

just set the minium to -1, max to 0

No, I kinda want more of a "allow instead of Min Max a Start and an End". But that’s fine if I’m going to be told to go create one myself.

First try before saying it isn’t good. No extra components are needed, nor funky min/max

This is limited to values between 1 and 0.

I have many cases where I need lowering value slider. The min to be larger than the max. I am forced to use currently ghscript or additional components. It will be benefitial to many people that Min is simply a starting value and Max is end value. Remapping automatically.

As I said, don’t bother if you don’t see the value in such a change. I am used to most of mcneel answers defending their original components as infallable.

I am looking forward to gh2 improvements.

I was merely pointing at the 1-0 range, not saying anything about any other range.

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