Notification of people editing my posts

Why do we get notified when administration edit our posts and what exactly are they editing?

The only thing an authorized person can do to edit your post is to change a category. For example, I’m changing this post to the Meta category, because it has to do with general Discourse activity, not Grasshopper.

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… and McNeel Support can change the default “unhandled” tag that we, mortal users, cannot see. You will get a notification when this happens.

So am I missing something when selecting categories?

@wim I never get those - you must have “special” status…

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A bit pointless notifying us when admin do a bit of admin

The category dropdown is available when creating an initial post, click in the box to dropdown the list…


That’s more like you being unhandled…


But this is only for threads that you start yourself.
And it’s not as if all of mine are set to handled. Check your avatar and look for a pencil:


Then, when you go to that post, you will see a "tags changed:…


yeah, ideally the mcneel only part of discourse wouldn’t manifest at all to the rest.

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it can also be pretty helpful i must say or lets say assuring, when you know that something is being tagged, it gives you a good feeling that it’s been taken care of somehow, versus waiting for days not even knowing if someone has seen it.

@sam @discourse this looks like a new bug? It seems our twiddling of the handled/unhandled tag should be completely silent to users.