Can I please not get notified for edits to every single topic?

Most of these “edits” are not even visible to me.

In your discourse preferences, under notifications, do you have ‘automatically track topics I enter’ set to a short time or immediately? If so try changing to a longer time (mine is set to 4 minutes) or never.


I had it set to 4 minutes as well, now increased it to the max 10 minutes. I believe most of these topics I didn’t even open before I get that notification.

It could alternatively be a topic you are ‘watching ‘…

Sure, but is there then a way to turn off the edit notification to topics? Usually these edits are not noticable nor meaningfull.
Also, check this. 3 Times a notification about how this 1 topic has been edited

Hmm, I don’t get those…

I do get those too and it’s very disturbing.

Does this correlate with having Live Notifications turned on? I have Permission Denied for these.

Same here…

Windows v. Mac? (I’m on Windows)

Windows. Chrome.

Go figure. Time to call in the cavalry - @wim we’re stuck. Why do some people seem to get more extensive notifications than others (or that they want)?

My name was called?


Besides the giant emojis when they are on a line by themselves we recently made a change that introduces edit notifications for when an OP is edited and you are watching the topic.

Initial intent was to restrict this new notification to cases where you are watching a wiki, but we expanded that a bit so any OP edits re notified if you are watching the topic.

On top of that at mcneel there is use of a hidden unhandled tag which most members can not see, so it gets very confusing.

I guess there are 2 items here:

  1. Should “edit” notifications on OP go out if the topic is not a wiki?

  2. (Bug) when stripping unhandled tag people who can not see the tag should never be notified.

@stevebaer can you open an email to team<at>discourse regarding (2). Then decide how you feel about 1, we can tighten the rule so the edit notifications only go if OP is wiki or maybe make it a site setting.

I was informed from the discourse crew that they made some fixes which were deployed to our discourse a few days ago. Keep an eye out and let us know if you are still seeing too many notifications.

On first sight it looks like it’s solved, thanks.

I felt like it was better for some time, but now it’s the same again :slight_smile: :

8 out of 14 topics are just edits.
Also most of these topics (including the ones without the edit notification) I’ve never even opened.

Yes, same here and it’s quite annoying!

Thanks for reporting that. I’ll have the Discourse people take a look.

I’m not getting those…