Not able to join large amount of breps with solid union

Hi all,
I’m currently working on some kind of 3D map which i want to design based on data i got from cadmapper.
I use the building contour curves (from cadmapper) and extrude these to give the buildings a certain height. In a next step I want to combine these buildings with a solid base plate with solid union, but for some reason this is not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions how i can achieve this?

example 3D (159.4 KB)


I got it to work very quickly, then threw away a bunch of components to simplify it. (155.8 KB)

Here it is again with all the falderal left in place: (163.1 KB)

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Your solution is working well, i’m still having one issue though. As soon as i pasted your script into my complete grasshopper definition, the solid union component stopped working (even though i did not change anything). Any ideas why this might happen?

map.3dm (480.3 KB)


The tolerance in your .3dm file is set to 0.1 millimeters. Changing that to 0.01 allows the code to work.

‘View | Display Options | Units’

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