Grasshopper Solid Union and Trim on Breps

We have a geometry, Michell trusses, and trying to group the trusses and anchor disk together to export for structural analysis. However, solid union and trim are not working. File is attached. I appreciate your support.

Thanks in advance. (193.0 KB)

don’t know if one single solid is what you are looking for, but you can try Merge Faces to simplify the Breps a little bit before going into the solid union (btw it doesn’t always work, but in this case looks like it does) (107.2 KB)

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It is working better now. Grazie Inno.

Hi all,
Unfortunately the proposed solution seems not robust for a bit more complex geometries with 25 lines rather than 6 lines. The updated model is attached. I appreciate your support. (34.8 KB)

I think it’s mostly a matter of tolerances as your drawing is in units which are really small, it’s easy to have troubles with tolerance even if they are tight…

in this case I have tried 2D sections for the profiles (everything was planar), scaling it up 100 times for the 24 arms, and 1000 times for the 25 arms, then used Clipper to join the regions, then scale back to initial size and extrude

it looks like working, but it will generally require a bit of creativity from time to time :slight_smile: (43.4 KB)
[you’ll need Clipper from food4Rhino or packageManager from command line]


Thank you again!

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What is the best strategy to update the model into considering cross sections with corner fillet radius? Thanks in advance.