Noob VS2017 question - how to add reference

I’m trying to add Eto as reference. But my compiled .gha throws an error on another machine.

I right-clicked reference, add reference, navigate to eto.dll in Rhino 6 folder, and clicked add. what’s missing?

Does that machine actually have that Eto.dll?

// Rolf

well it’s shipped with Rhino 6 isn’t it?
that machine has rhino 6

Hi @Will_Wang,

Did you following this?

– Dale

I don’t see how reference is set up though.

80131515 is an error raised when you load some assembly from a disallowed location. Either the file is stored remotely (network drive, etc), or it is locked

Unlock the file, or overwrite the security configuration, or load it from memory

The error message itself is quite self-explanatory

The project wizards add the necessary Rhino/Grasshopper references for you…

– Dale

Thanks Dale
Eto isn’t set up in the template. Maybe my template is outdated…

Are you saying the gha is locked? Or the eto.dll is locked?

I doubt the GH template for Visual Studio adds Eto to the project.

To add Eto to a GH project in Visual Studio:

1.) From Solution Explorer, right click on References and pick Add Reference....
2.) From the Browse list item, click the Browse... button.
3.) Select Eto.dll from C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System.
4.) From References, right-click on Eto and pick Properties.
5.) From the Properties window, set Copy Local = False.

– Dale

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