NonmanifoldMerge does not work

Hi all, I am using Rhino to generate an underground mine which composed of pillars and rooms. the model is composed of multiple objects each one represent a rock layer. When I use the Nonmanifoldmerge command, it does not work. I mean I still see multiple layers (not one layer for the whole model)

I do not undestand why the Nonmanifoldmerge command is not working? any idea

Hello - what the command does is merge all the input surfaces and polysurfaces into one, potentially disjoint, polysurface. I am not sure what is failing - are all the objects now one single object when the command is done?


No they are still multiple objects.
I can send you the model to check it if you are ok with that.
Thanks for helping

hello - yes, sure, if you have an example file that shows the problem, please post it here or if confidential, send to to my attention, along with a link back here in your comments.

(Note NonmanifoldMerge works on surfaces and polysurfaces and not meshes - for meshes just Join will work on disjoint pieces.)


Attached is the model
I want to merge all surfaces using the Nonmanifoldmerge to become one object and then I will mesh it then export it to a finite difference software. I hope you can figure out why the Nonmanifoldmerge command does not merge all objects into single one obejct.

Hello - thanks, I see that that fails here. I’ll investigate.


I cannot thank you enough for helping me.

Hello- it seems to be possible in stages - merge each set of small interior shapes, merge the boxes and then merge the first two sets, one by one into the boxes. It does take a while to figure it all out.
Any luck?


Yes it is working, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.