Noise Level Map Traffic [dB]

I’ve searched the forums but found nothing on this topic.

Do anyone know of a plugin or script to calculate and visualize noise levels from traffic?
I know there are several ones for various GIS programs but I haven’t seen anything for grasshopper.

An article about noise modelling in QGIS: ARTICLE

This is nice map about noise level so I want to say about noise barrier wall which is one of the effective material for reducing all of noise from house and I use this material and get comfortable now.

Hello Andre,

you should check the plug-in “DeCodingSpaces” ( ).

You can generate an analysis grid, and colour it with custom values. So basically you need some data about the noise level. But I have no idea, how to assign them, maybe a value per street-segment?
Check their website for more information, it is pretty interesting, and they have a lot of study cases.