No way to 'apply to all' when deleting nested layers

This has been an issue for some years now. I do not know if this all applies to windows and Mac, but I’m sure some of it does.

When deleting a layer with a series of nested sub-layers, a pop up appears for each layer requiring the user to click ‘delete’ each time. Sure, you can hold return and wait until they keep flashing up and being dismissed.

There are a few other scenarios where similar situations occur. For example, if you are importing a file into a file that already has a series of block references that match those of the file being imported. Again, loads of pop ups, loads of just holding down return until they stop.

Having a pop up is good. It provides a moment to pause and consider what you’re doing and cancel if necessary. But it should have a check box to ‘apply to all’. Ideally the pop up would also have the option of providing a list with details (one of those triangle icons that collapse or expand a list) before proceeding such that (in the case of deleting layers) you can review a list of all the layers being deleted along with their object count before confirming that you wish to proceed to delete all the layers listed.

So I suppose this is a feature request that is in two parts:

First, provide an ‘apply to all’ check box.
Second (and this can come later), provide detail within the pop up prior to the confirmation action.

The Windows version of Rhino definitely has this option… (Yes to all)

Apparently this is still on the “to do” list for Mac Rhino:
Still listed as “Future”…

I added a comment and referenced this thread…

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