No preview anymore. Does a ticket have a lifetime?

Dear ShapeDiver support,

we were experiencing something conspicious today.
Our model “shaft-3-reduced-220515-1” is used on different domains and the ticket has not been changed in a long time.
Today we recognised that the preview did not work anymore.

According to there were no incidents on ShapeDiver’s side which could have caused this issue.

Fortunately updating the ticket solved the issue but I would like to understand what has caused it in the first place, so that it doesn’t happen again.
Do you know, what went wrong? Does a ticket have a lifetime and we should have replaced it after a certain period of time?

The ticket should never expire, so maybe what you experienced was a temporary unavailability from our servers. Please let us know if you ever experience again the same issue with the new ticket, but you should never have to worry about updating the ticket after a while.