History not breaking on dimensions

Hello all,

I’m hoping you can help me solve this puzzle. My dimensions keep moving off of my measured objects.

I have a block instance and a linear dimension. They are grouped.

I make a mirror image of the group. If I move the parent group, then the child group mirrors it.

If I select both the parent and the child groups and move them together, the parent moves as expected. The child block moves in the same direction as the move command, but the child dimension is still mirroring.

Why doesn’t the history relationship on the dimensions break when they are selected and moved? I have tried this both with the objects grouped and ungrouped and get the same results.

On a side note, is there a way to keep the text on the dimensions from flipping when it is mirrored?

Hello- - I have to check but I think this was special-cased for dimensions since it is natural to move both together and a nuisance if you cannot.


Hi Pascal,

I just tried this with just a random dimension not attached to anything. If you make a dimension and mirror it, then move both dimensions, the mirror overrides the move for the child object.


I have also noticed that dimensions do not flow on crv or flow along surface, even with Rigid turned on. Is this intentional? Can dimensions follow along with Flow?