No module named fcntl when importing subprocess

When running:

import subprocess

It gives the following traceback:

Runtime error (ImportException): No module named fcntl

  line 430, in <module>, "/Applications/"
  line 14, in script

This is required by a grasshopper add-on I want to use that calls which in turns calls subprocess.

This issue seems to have been fixed in the latest revision of IronPython. I tested 2.7.5 (the Rhino one) with mono, and it crashed as well. But with it works.

Any plan to update IronPython soon?

We aren’t planning to update IronPython until the next major version of Rhino (Rhino 6); sorry. Updating versions always runs the risk of breaking things and we have stabilized of 2.7.5 for Rhino 5.

What component requires this functionality? It is surprising since Windows Rhino 5 also doesn’t use the latest version of IronPython

The thing is that subprocess on windows doesn’t not use fcntl, which is a unix component, so it works out of the box.

I’m trying to use a Ladybug and Honeybee for grasshoppper. The first time I encountered this issue was with a module that aims to download a file. To do so, it calls which in turn calls

I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t feel confident in updating IronPython for a pretty stable product (Mac Rhino 5). We will be updating to the latest for Mac Rhino 6 and hopefully we’ll get a WIP put together sometime in the near future.