Rhino for Mac incomplete IronPython

I have noticed that the IronPython version shipped with Rhino mac does not contain all of the modules other IronPython versions have, for example the one that ships with the Windows version. In particular I am referring for example to the fcntl module, but I assume this might be the case for other modules.

Do you have plans to include a full IronPython version in the Mac?
Or, is it possible to install and use a full IronPython in the Mac?

Thanks in advance.


@tmsmendez Rhino uses IronPython, which is a .Net implementation of Python. If a module is not written for or compatible with IronPython, its team will not include it, and as such, it will not be part of Rhino. Does it make sense?

Are you seeing a lot of missing functionality on the shipper libraries?