No interactive commandline help for offline V6 beta users

I’m stupid.
Yes, it works as expected.
I didn’t notice the address bar in the browser.
So I thought it is the online version.
Sorry for my ignorance.

But I have another ‘complaint’.
When I invoke the help from a dialog, then a new browser tab opens every time.
And I’m on the main page, not at the topic where I expected to be.
That was better with the V5 Help.

The help panel in V6 still works ok in this respect.

Never mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

I added a wish about this.

What dialog did you click the Hilfe button?

I don’t see this problem in my test.

Press F1 while a command is running. The command’s help topic is opened.

In Rhino-Optionen > Ansicht, click the Hilfe button, this web page is opened.



Not in here:

Not in here:

That’s an issue about Edge as the default web browser when offline help is installed.

Chrome does not have the problem.

I created a bug report for this issue.

Note as an aside that Edge also causes problems with Rhino accounts… I would avoid it altogether.

Do you know what it is about Edge that causes the bad behavior? Have you involved the MS Edge team?

The local topics can open if I paste the paths to Edge’s address bar.

The online help does not have the problem.

I guess this is a problem in Rhino, not in Edge.

Our developers will determine if the MS Edge team needs to be involved.


Can you provide the details? Thanks.

I thought since Edge doesn’t work the way you want and all the other browsers do that it is probably an Edge issue. I find it hard to believe that Edge is adhering to the modern standards while none of the others are. On the other hand, it has happened before.

I think when our developers look into the issue, they can determine if they need help from MS.

Nowadays Edge is standard on Win10 machines.
It is not possible to ignore/avoid it, especially in managed IT scenarios.
The Rhino/Edge problems will be fixed, I’m sure.

What exactly are the problems with Rhino accounts?
In here, I don’t see any…

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I can’t find the link anymore, but I read about a security decision made by Microsoft. When the URL contains a fragment (that’s the part after the # in the URL), Microsoft Edge and IE both strip off the URL when the page is opened the way Rhino opens it (that is, by passing the URL on the command line to the browser).

When I first implemented the offline help, I used a simpler method for launching the browser, and Microsoft stripped off the fragment before opening the default browser, making this a problem in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and IE. I was only able to fix it for Chrome and Firefox, as this behavior is also built into Edge and IE.

There’s really not a way for me to fix this for F1. The help context window seems to work just fine, because it doesn’t use URL fragments.

Oh, great. Somebody says “security” in a meeting and MS has to stop the product from working.
I guess Bill Gates’ “best and brightest” are getting pretty dim if they can’t find a better secure solution than that. I mean, browsers have always been supposed to get their files from anywhere, online or local, haven’t they?

Have you added your voice to that of Web Drive’s at MSDN? Or maybe you could take a half day to drive to Redmond and let someone who cares (if you can find one) know what a problem they’ve created and point out that none of the other big boys on the browser block are making your life (and that of many of your customers, who are also theirs) miserable. :blush:

Please stay with it.

The other thing is it really seems slow: 5 or 10 or more seconds for a topic to come up. I haven’t been active with rhino right now, but I did install the offline help (went fine, used the “me only” option, which was the only bold one) and played with it for about 10 or 15 minutes.

To be totally honest, this is dropping back into a very low priority project. There are bigger problems that affect more of our customers that need attention.

I know this matters a lot to you personally, but this problem is restricted to people who:
a) Run Rhino completely offline
b) Want to use help on those computers by pressing F1 instead of using the built-in help tab
c) Insist on using Windows’ default browser

I’ve given you a solution to offline help, and it works well with Chrome or Firefox as the default browser. It may not be your favorite version of the solution, but it’s what you’re going to have for a while. And no, I’m not going to be trying to change Microsoft’s mind about their implementation.

The time it takes for Rhino to generate the path to the help topic and tell Windows to launch the browser is very, very fast. The rest of the time is waiting for the browser to launch. Is it faster if the browser is already open? Is it faster if you use Chrome or Firefox?

I’ll play with it some more and try to get these answers for you (at least with FF) and some detail on F1 vs help tab.