Ngons are our friends

Hi again,

Ngons are great. The problem is that I can only add them to a mesh using a rhino command _AddNgonsToMesh.

I saw that there is a way to add them in Grasshopper, but using scripting - see this post:

So my questions/wishes are:
a) Wouldn’t it be great if there was a component in Grasshopper to add Ngons to mesh?
b) Wouldn’t it be even better if it “was” incorporated in the standard “Mesh” dialog, next to “Simple planes”:


I am asking because it could make it easier to export geometry as meshes with Ngons to applications like 3DS (from GH or as part of “Export” command)


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Hi Pawel - thanks, I got those…


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Perfect! Thank you again!

Hi Pascal,

I’ve been playing with Ngon meshes in grasshopper and noticed that if there’s going to be a native AddNgonsToMesh component, the Mesh Explode component needs to be updated to match it, in order to allow meshes to be exploded with Ngon faces kept intact.

The current Mesh Explode component will take a mesh that as had Ngons added to it, and reduce it to the triangle faces that existed prior to adding Ngons.

The grasshopper plugin called “Ngons” already has an “explode mesh” component that allows this, but it seems like if adding Ngons will one day be a native component, retaining them when exploding should also be available from a native component.