NGon mesh preview in Grasshopper broken

Displaying more than one Mesh with ngons in grasshopper results in wire-frame preview.
Can this be fixed in the next release?

Using the file you posted on grasshopper3d I cannot repeat it. Both components show their meshes as expected.

From what date is your beta installation?

Hmm, after new beta update it works.


Phew! Thanks.

Again mesh display is failing, this time no ngons are involved.

If I join a bunch of meshes into one, display is correct again.

Any clue why this happens? (1.1 MB)

GH file attached

Baking mesh is resulting in good meshes.

There was some talk yesterday/today about broken mesh code, I didn’t look too deeply into it but it seems that a similarish problem to what you’re seeing is now being fixed double quick time. So I’m going to be really lazy and wait until the next beta release to see if it indeed is the same problem.

This bug is fixed in the latest BETA. Please give it a try.