NGON Centre

I am trying to figure out where Ngon plugin’s center point coming from.
I thought it is the average of sub-polygon areas center, but it is not. I also thought it simply the area center of the polygons, but it is not. What is actually?
ngon center

It is polyline center.
And normal is an average of cross products of polyline points.

What do you mean by polyline center? I see a difference here. (10.7 KB)

Area component computes different mean value. Check polyline / curve centre. There are 3 more ways to do it.

Thank you. It is clear now. I have made a post in the other thread regarding a planarization problem. Did you see it? Should I make a new thread for it?

This is the setup to run Planarize component: (43.0 KB)

The method description and source code is available here:

This is a very simple multi-threaded method that is enough for geometries I use in my work.
It also works for your case as well.

For sure, Kangaroo has many more options and you are free to use any option that suits you.