Finding the center point of a non planar curve

how does one go about in finding the center point of these polygons a dome? I tried using area but that only works with planar curves.
I exploded the curves and joined them but only a few successfully made a surface and therefore the area component worked and gave me what I wanted- the center point.

I need the points so that I can construct another shape within the polygons.

polygon (17.1 KB)

thank you in advance. (32.4 KB)

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P.S. You might need more than the “center” points to create nested shapes. I used Pl 3Pt below to align the inner polygon with the outer one. By the way, the last six curves in your list are not closed curves, just line segments, so some data pruning was required. (24.0 KB)


The Polygon Center component has three different ways of computing the centre points. The average of all points, the average of all edges (a slightly better metric, especially when the edge lengths differ a great deal) and the area centroid (best metric, but only works for flat polygons). So you can use either of the first two.

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Boy David, a few days ago I learned that the line intersection components had a first point option, and now I learn that polygon center can work on non-planar polygons; I’ve always taken the average like Joseph above. Somebody should write a book on this stuff!

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