Newbie says hello + 2 simple questions

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been making my fist baby steps in GH for 2 weeks now. I came from fusion 360 - thinking i want to step up my game. I’m at this point where i have some good basic understanding of the mayor components and workflow - And i can sense the crazy possibilities that are almost within reach. What a tool! I am working on my fist project and might come back for some deeper understanding, once i have exhausted how far i can come on my own (and a myriad of YT videos :kissing_smiling_eyes:).

For now though two very minor things tat keep bugging me:

  • If i plug in a center box and a rectangle with the same XY dimensions, why does the rectangle come out half size? Easy fix of course. I just would love to know the logic behind.

  • A lot of sample projects use various Kangaroo components that i just can’t find (I have Kangaroo 2.42). MeshMachine being one of them. Where do i have to look?

Thanks a bunch in advance and im thrilled to finally dive into GH!


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Use a Domain Box instead of a Center Box.

Note, however, the word “Domain” which offers other possibilities besides just X and Y dimensions, which internally are considered ‘0 To X’ and ‘0 To Y’ domains.


Aha! Now i also finally unterstand what a domain actually is. Thanks a lot!

You can create domains to give you a “center box”: (4.0 KB)

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