Wrong "hint" in Grasshopper or am I wrong?

I was setting up a simple “box by center” and noticed it wasn’t moving in Z as I thought it should. Went a little bit deeper and found this.
Is my english, my geometry/math or the “text of the tip” wrong?
If x, y and z “ask” for the box size, the distance between 2 points “should” be that size, or not?

Because you are moving the center of the “Center Box” vertically at the same rate you are changing its size, using the same slider. So bottom of the box “stays” at Z = origin point.

Scale and translation are different transformations.
The movement is what got my attention.
If I don’t move the box, the distance between the points is still double as the parameter called size.
For me the distance between vertices is the size of a box.

Ah, this is the basis for misinterpretation. This particular Center Box treats X and Y differently, more like X and Y radii… odd, yes. Using Domain Box as a center box requires constructing a domain using expressions “-x/2” and “x/2” on the A and B inputs.

center_box_2019Oct11a.gh (11.1 KB)

Or add the expression “x/2” to all three (X, Y and Z) inputs of Center Box?

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@arquitextonica, no you are not wrong.

Just got tripped up by this again. It simply shouldn’t say “size”, but something like “radius”. But we don’t think of it like that when talking about boxes.

There was a post in the old forum somewhere, where @DavidRutten admitted it was simply a mistake, but fixing the component would mean all past files that used that component would be wrong, so he would leave it.

But I think at least the hint should be changed to “Half the size of box in {x} direction”. It’s very clunky, but I think still better than having a misleading and wrong hint.

Like many things its one of those you just have to get used to and when you teach someone just have to go “well, I know its odd, but just watch out for it.”