New System for Rhino + Grasshopper/ What are you using?

I am looking to build a system that takes advantage of the newest CPUs and GPUs Specifically Geforce RTX 2080. My current system hates grasshopper, so I want to make sure there isn’t something I am missing when spec’ing out my new system. does anyone have a system that runs grasshopper as smooth as butter? What systems are you using for complex GH modeling?
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Hello Jack,

how come your system “hates” grasshopper. Many of the older user have used grasshopper 10 years ago, doing amazing things with antique hardware… I mean, I won’t tell you not to invest in a good system. But instead of investing thousands of hard earned money, the question should rather be: How can I optimize my algorithms so that they run more smoothly?! Many operations of modern CAD systems are still single threaded. Even Grasshopper does not support multithreading as efficent as it potentially could.And many tutorials don’t bother much about performance. Therefore you should rather focus on the single-core performance. On the other hand, if you plan to utilize Grasshopper in conjunction with rendering a strong graphics card might be a good idea as well. But I don’t think this is mandatory for a smooth experience at all. I rather say invest in 10 good books about math and programming, instead of wasting it on high-end upgrades. :slight_smile:


I will post some of my definitions that are giving me problems and maybe you can give me an idea why its freezing up my system.

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Even better, post an example as a new forum topic/thread. Performance topics are very interesting ones and usually have high activity.