New Surface Laptops with ARM - RH8

Anyone know if Mcneel have intentions to make rhino run natively on ARM and not emulated (which is what i thought rhino for mac is doing)?

The new surface laptops sound nice, but curious to know how they will run CAD software. (The new surface laptops will ship with ARM processors)


i see…

Thanks :slight_smile:

From graphics performance, I think Adreno on SD X Plus and X Elite would be on par with Intel Iris Xe.

RTX 3050 Ti is around twice (if not even faster) the performance of Xe graphics. But many rendering engines depend on GPU like Radeon, Geforce and higher classes for productivity.

There are still many unclear benchmark info as many reported that they were not allowed to do own benchmarking when the product was launched, and even at new Surface launch event.

I’m personally still a bit sceptic on the graphics performance wise on X Plus or X Elite. But if they were talking about battery life, I think nothing beats ARM at this time being. However, for many that are using ASUS laptops with Armoury Crate, there is G-helper (you could easliy find it through searching the web) that is helping in controlling TDP, manually, that would impact the battery life up to double the span. I’m not promoting ASUS nor ROG at this point as both carry their own problems that require workaround, but abandoning Armoury Crate and using G-helper definitely extends the battery life.

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