New shapediver viewer shortcomings

Hi there,

I just check new shapediver viewer and realized that some importat functionalities are missing (or I can not find it).

Re-upload grasshopper definition.
Light settings: there are no option to set light direction in 3D viewport - that was very important function !

About the re-upload function: it is replaced on the new platform with the “Import viewer settings” function in the model edit page:

Like the old re-upload, it lets you reuse the settings of a previous model in your account. Please test it and let me know. Additionally, notice that the parameter ordering and grouping can be handled directly in grasshopper now: Ordering and grouping parameters

Regarding the light settings: it is true that this feature is missing from the viewer at the moment. You can keep using the legacy platform to setup your light scenes ( until we implement it in the new viewer. We will complete this implementation before the legacy platform is retired.

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your reply. I check “import viewer settings” but it doesn’t work. After choosing “import viewer settings” I got new window with drop down menu. But there are no scenes that I can import. Although

I have 2 models in Library.

Ordering and groupin parameters works nice, thanks.

It seams that iframe embeding doesn’t work? There are no models nor parameters after embeding scene to the website.

P.S. You mentioned implementation of HDRI. I can not see HDRI in environment menu. Is it already implemented somewhere?

Have you tried typing the title of the model you want to import from? The dropdown will not display any scenes unless you search for one. Let me know if that works.

I am not aware of any issues with iframe embedding. Did you add domains in your settings and then make sure “Allow embedding” is checked in the model edit mode? Can you show if the console reports any error?

I haven’t tried typing the model name- now it works!

Embeding now works, I don’t know why it didn’t work before.

I have another question regarding the embeding. After the ticket I added text “&brandedMode=false” in order to remove shape diver logo, but logo is stil there. Is it possible to remove logo within new ShapeDiver Viewer ?

Another question regarding grouping: is it possible somehow to group input text component with ShapeDiverExport. Currently only export email is in section output, although I group those 2 components.
I want to use input text as an option to client to type his email so I can receive email with exported model and his email, so it will be great if those two params are grouped.

This is not yet possible in viewer 3 but we will implement this feature in an upcoming release.

We have had several requests regarding this point and are evaluating the best way to do this. Which of these options sounds better?

  1. Remove the export section completely and group the exports with the inputs like in the old platform.
  2. Have the possibility in Grasshopper to group parameters with an export component. In that case, the parameters would be displayed in a group with the download button in the export section, and not in the parameters section.

That is a good question. If I have to choose between those two options, the first one sounds better, because some users might not realize that export section even exists ( although export button is nicely designed).
However, I would recommend to enable grasshopper users greatest flexibility in design. Configurators can have so diverse applications, number of sliders and different kind of target groups of users. From this reason, there are many different optimal UX cases and each of them could be further refined through application and A/B testing with final users at the end.

For example if you have just a few parameters (2-3) and export email button, you doesn’t need additional export section. However if your configurator has complex structure with too many parameters (e.g. greater than 15 ) it might be better to have export section.

Greatest flexibility in design of interface can be achieved by enabling creating group in groups an provide options to title all groups ( and title for group within group). See image 1.

Additionally I would recommend creating new ShapeDiver Grasshopper component that might enable add some text or image or just empty space in user interface. See example image 2.