New ‘Rhino Projects’ course: Building a Gaming Controller

I am very proud to announce the release of my eighth online course for, ‘Rhino Projects: Building a Gaming Controller.’ Running 1 hours and 8 minutes, this course is a brand new ‘lunch-hour / project-format’ designed by the educational gurus at to be watched in one sitting.

This course is geared towards the serious 3D designer. The focus is on organic modelling, with fully half of the course devoted to mastering the powerful surface-from-curve-network command. The second half of the course covers every UI control you would expect: joysticks, buttons, triggers, a D-pad, and then wraps up with two killer tips for generating parting lines.

You need to be a member to watch the whole course, but the first video is free for previewing. If you join, Lynda is only $25 per month for almost 4,000 courses. Here’s a link for a FREE 10-DAY TRIAL. Sweet! List of all eight lynda courses here.

Special thanks to @pascal and @BrianJ for all the excellent advice and feedback. You guys rock!