New Bongo Animation Course at

My brand new course for Rhino + Bongo + V-ray, called “Animation with Rhino and Bongo,” just launched! (May 22, 2015.) The course was designed to be suitable for intermediate to advanced users and runs 2 hrs & 26 minutes. All of the content is organized into 3-7 minute videos, so you can watch what you need or feel free to jump around.

The comprehensive course covers product turntable animation, architectural walk-through animations, and even how to composite your animation and renderings into After Effects and upload the video. You need to be a member of to watch the whole course, but there are 6 free videos you can check out to get a good idea. If you are thinking of joining, Lynda is only $25 per month for over 4,000 courses. And, here’s a link for a free 10-day trial. Nice!

UPDATE: In one week, this course is having the best start of any Rhino course I have done for lynda! So far, over 600 people in 56 countries have seen it. That is A LOT for a two-hour & 30-minute commitment.It’s pretty damn surprising.

If anyone here checked it out, please feel free to free contact me with any feedback. The next course will be totally different: it’s a one-hour Rhino “Mini Project Course.” The goal is to let people ‘jump in & out’ and be able to finish it during a lunch hour. Stay tuned.