New Rhino 7 videos by SimplyRhino UK - SubD, QuadRemesh, and Rendering/Denoiser/PBM rendering

SimplyRhino UK has been kind enough to share 3 videos with the content covered at its last UK User Group Meeting in December.

Rhino 7 – SubD Modelling in Rhino for Mac

A quick look at the new SubD modelling metaphor in Rhino 7. This is shown in Rhino for Mac but is equally relevant to Rhino for Windows. In this video, Phil Cook from Simply Rhino looks at three areas where a SubD workflow could have advantages over NURBS.

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Rhino 7 – Rendering, Denoiser and Physically Based Materials

In this short video, Phil Cook from Simply Rhino looks at Rendering improvements in Rhino 7. This includes the Cycles Raytrace Render and adding Denoiser elements with the new Package Manager in Rhino 7. Finally, the new Physically Based Materials are discussed.

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Rhino 7 – QuadRemesh – a quick introduction


QuadRemesh is a great new tool in Rhino 7 for reverse engineering and mesh retopology. In this short introductory video, Phil Cook from Simply Rhino runs through the basics of QuadRemesh and shows an example of how this can be helpful in reverse engineering.

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Posted Jan 18, 2021 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.

The video links appear to have been removed or am I, as usual, having finger trouble?