New Project "Icarus"


I started a side project of taking part of Ladybug an converting it as a Rhino Plugin.

New Project “Icarus” Provides Ladybug Capabilities Directly in Rhino "Notes by @Mostapha"
Speaking of expanded cross-platform capabilities, the talented Miguel Rus has produced a standalone Rhino Plugin off of the original Ladybug code that has been included in this release. After writing his own core C# libraries, Miguel’s plugin enables users to produce sunpath and run sunlight hours analyses in the Rhino scene without need of opening Grasshopper or engaging the (sometimes daunting) act of visual scripting.

This release includes his initial RHP plugin file. It is hoped that Miguel’s efforts will extend some of the capabilities of environmental design to individuals who are unfamiliar with visual scripting, casting the network of our community into new territory. We need your help spreading the word about Icarus since the people who will benefit the most from it have probably not read this far into the release notes. Also, as the project is in the early stages, your feedback can make a great difference. You can download the current release from this link.

Once you download the zip file. Right click and unblock it. Then extract the files under C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins\ folder. Drag and drop the RHP file into Rhino and you should be ready to go. You can either type Icarus in the command line or open it via the panels. Here is a short video that shows how to run a sunlighhours analysis study in Rhino.

It is in very early stages, but let me know what you think.

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PS. Check out the Ladybug/Honeybee Release Notes - Ladybug 0.0.62 and Honeybee 0.0.59


I really want to thank @Mostapha for encouraging me to release the plugin within 24h of showing him the project. If you realise the Plugin doesn’t even have an Logo yet :).


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Heyyy!! It looks awesome! Great work. I will test it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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If anyone wonders why it’s called Icarus give it a quick read