New in Rhino WIP 2017-June-21

Rhino WIP 2017-Jun-21 is now available. Download Now.

New in this release:


  • Picture: Turn Off Border Control (RH-31976)


  • Docking Tabs: Clean up RhinoUiDockBarTabFromId and RhinoUiDockBarForTab warnings (RH-39836)
  • Grasshopper:
    • GH1 3D text tag broken. (RH-39834)
    • Maths > Operators > Division component does not divide integers correctly (RH-39227)
    • NRE in MultidimensionalSliderAttributes.RespondToMouseMove (RH-36496)
  • Installer: Windows 8.1 with .NET 4.6.2 doesn’t allow Rhino to install (RH-39804)
  • Interface: Text UI missing SR14 Update (RH-39721)
  • PointCloud: Region selection support (RH-39818)
  • Properties: Attribute User Text button doesn’t work depending on the Windows font size settings (RH-39221)
  • SDK:
    • C++ SDK plug-in wizard does generate build-able render plug-in (RH-39754)
    • CRhinoFileReadOptions needs the active document (RH-39485)
    • MFC Free plug-ins should be identifiable (RH-39314)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • New warnings in RhinoCommon code in Rhino.sln (RH-39897)
    • RhinoCommon plug-in wizard not adding PlugInDescription attributes (RH-39853)
    • Text3D.BoundingBox throws exceptions. (RH-39835)
  • Splash and About: .NET exception when template has no notes (RH-39865)

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I just figured that new grasshopper adition and multiplication éléments dosen’t reconise numbers from panel élément input.
panel number (7.9 KB)

Yes, known bug, will be fixed in today’s WIP, you can fix it yourself now, see this thread.