New "Division A/B" component - New behavior

I think that this kind of tiny detail should be advertized.
And if it WAS advertized, well I guess I was looking in another direction.
So now in V6, if the result of a division is an integer, then the output is an integer without a trailing “.0”
Sadly, I relied on this trailing zero to figure out if a number was odd or even, so the new behavior broke my definition !

If you need to perform a function, based on a value being even or odd, you can use the modulus component to test your values. (one of the handier and, IMHO, underutilized components). (16.1 KB)

Everything is a breaking change I guess for somebody… and here I was thinking it would just be a minor improvement. Désolé.

Salut David,

Is there a list of all these little subtleties ?
The “Division” components are not reported as “Old”, unlike “Multiplication” and “Substraction”, by the way…

Hi Chris, thanks !

I didn’t know there was a modulo component.
I always thought that this was a percentage (%) component !

Division wasn’t replaced, the behaviour just changed. Subtraction and Multiplication were made multi-input-capable, so you can just grow the component to compute a*b*c*d. However I thought it would be too weird to have repeated division because the order of operations would not be entirely clear and also it just seems really exotic. Is a/b/c/d supposed to be