New details in layout can't be edited

When I add new detail in layout I can’t edit it. Before it show editing points just by selecting this detail. Now nothing is showed. And F10 dosn’t work too.

Update: they can be edited, but theirs editing point arn’t visible. Only when i blindly catch them. But first detail which is made with layout is working correctly…

In a quick test, that seems to work as expected here.
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and paste the result in a reply here.

I’m not sure what happend, but for a while it’s going normal. It’s like it started slowly than it run normaly :smiley: But Now I’m fighting with Dimensions after changing detail window. I have kitchen, fully dimensioned and when I want change size of detail window many dimensions are changed to zero and moved away and many are just moved away. It’s really annoying.