New V-Ray Product Rendering course at Lynda

Just launched today! Product Design Rendering with Rhino and V-Ray at All of the content is organized into 5-7 minute videos, so you can watch what you need or feel free to jump around.

You need to be a member to watch the whole course, but there are 6 free videos you can see to get a good idea – and all Lynda courses have about 10% available for free previewing. If you are thinking of joining, Lynda is only $25 per month for over 2,500 courses. And, here’s a link for a free 7-day trial.

A few more notes … this course runs 2 hours 54 minutes. It’s aimed primarily at intermediate users but, if you’re like me, I can always find some good tips in any level of training. The amount of material covered here is about equal to a full semester, so it is actually ‘jammed-packed full of good stuff.’