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We are currently making plug-ins in the .NET 4.x series, but we would like to support Mac and Rhino8 as well as Windows.
In that case, which .NET ver. is recommended?


Plugins written in .NET Framework 4.8 work with Rhino7 and should work also with Rhino8 on Windows and Mac unless you are using very specific rare workflow. @stevebaer could give more details here.

Rhino8 should initially be based on .NET 6 but it is still faaar from stable release, so 4.8 is now way to go.

My HSA plugin written in .NET Framework 4.8 works fine on Rhino 7 and 8, Windows and Mac.

I see.
Thank you so much.

Please let me know if there are any formal announcements in the future.

Rhino 8 was switched to .NET 6 but some built-in plugins failed to load. I suppose .NET 6 would still be the official NET runtime when 8 is released, after McNeel sorting out issues.

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Will the recommended .NET for Win and Mac in Rhino8 be announced at some point?

you can search forum

.NET 7 may be implemented at some point