.net 6.0 (macos) - unable to load shared library "librhino3dm_native"

I am building a multiplatform project that is using GitHub - mcneel/rhino3dm: Libraries based on OpenNURBS with a RhinoCommon style.

On Windows it works fine, however for MacOS I get following error "Unable to load shared library “librhino3dm_native” …

It is build using net6.0 and for “arm” architecture.

I have also tried placing generate librhino3dm_native.dylib into some common loading folders such as /usr/local/lib since it cannot find if from genrerated bin. No help.

what might help, in bin it is generated under folder runtimes/osx-x64/native/librhino3dm_native.dylib … I would expect it to be in runtimes/osx/native/librhino3dm_native.dylib though ?

Any tips on what I might be missing ? Many thanks in advance.


You are getting rhino3dm via nuget? Are you looking at pre-release packages? osx-arm64 is only available as a pre-release at the moment.

That must be it. Yes it’s nugget. Going to try it later and post the answer.

Many thanks!

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It works! Many thanks.

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