Nesting and orientation

Hi, I’am working on a project where I have to parse and orient 470 character on a metal sheet.
All the character have to be distributed without collision on the sheet.
They basically have to look outside of the metal sheet when they are on the border, and to have a random direction look when they are close to the centroid
I have try this :
populate the sheet with point, distribute and orient looking outside, then orient the character to have a random look when he is close to the centroïd.
But I have trouble with collision between character and also to orient the random look…
some help will be very appreciate, I have try opennest, but I didn’t think that it do what I need…

distibute and orient looking outside : (unfortunally with collision)

the second orientation… and it’s Uggly because they are oriented from the centroid and not from the edge of the metal sheet…

here is my file : (800.9 KB)

thanks for helping

Hey @antho2b,

This looks interesting but I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, do you think you could rephrase the question/problem you are having?

For instance I don’t understand whether the spiral/alignment is how the final design should look, or whether you want to nest the parts in this way?

I’ve tried a simplistic approach in kangaroo using sphere collisions. This tends to make the distribution a bit too uniform if the radius is too big. I have chosen the largest radius from the largest outline. You can tweak the strength of the goals to adjust how much movement is allowed with the anchor strength. CurveCollide might lead to a more accurate (but slower) result
figures (810.4 KB)

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Actually CurveCollide gives what looks like an excellent result to me in under 20 seconds!
figures_collide (808.0 KB)


thanks a lot ! it works, I absolutely don’t understand the way that kangaroo works… but it’s cool !
thanks !

so I got this…
Ok to check the collision bewteen all the curves, but if I want to nest them on sheet of metal, that I use as a “passive curve” it always move them outside my curve instead of inside !
any help please ?
bad solution… :
02-02 (41.3 KB)

The CurveCollide component always keeps curves outside each other.
If you need to keep them inside a curve, you can create a frame like this: (41.3 KB)

that diagonal segment is doubled - I created the shape as a closed loop like this, then moved the ends together


it works perfectly ! thanks !

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