Need to create a surface to close this polysrf

How can I create a patch or whatever but include these holes in it as well? I need this to be a closed polysrf. Thanks! Also, second pic, the model is really crappy…the control points seem solid but the rendered model is all kinds of terrible. How can I clean this up? I need the model to have a nice vertical wall all the way around it but it’s pinched down like this halfway around. :frowning:

gnarly geometry.3dm (437.8 KB)gnarly geometry 2.3dm (466.0 KB)

Post your file. Read this:

File has been attached above. Thanks.

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Hello - try RebuildEdges on those ugly faces - but, how did it get this way, is my question.


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Ah, ok. Thanks.

STEP file exported from a Solidworks model with very janky sweeping and boolean…ing.

I’m basically rebuilding the entire model from edge curves now (sweep two rails is my friend), lol. All I can say is, it wasn’t me! Haha.

Nice stuff Pascal, that fixed the crappy faces! Edit: Nevermind. MatchSrf does the trick for the new surface edges.

Hello - MatchSrf will let you average the surfaces if both edges are untrimmed - In this case you’ll need to ShrinkTrimmedSrf and then Untrim the outer edges for MatchSrf to play.


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That’s exactly what I did. Thanks!

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