Need help with Modeling a Plaster Balloon Model

I have been looking into making this model digitally but I have been having trouble modeling it accurately. I made the physical model by placing plaster in a balloon and clamping it . I also tied string around middle to separate the pockets but the tie was relatively loose.

I was looking into modeling it in kangaroo with the pressure option but i am willing to use any parametric means. While the photos include images of a single module, I would ideally like to be able to model it with more than one clamp and multiple strings.

Hi ,
You can check out this two links there are some useful definitions shared

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The example here could be a starting point:

The strings could then be modelled as extra stronger length goals on some of the mesh edges.

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Hi Dmweekes1,

Did you succeed with the physical and digital models of your balloon structures? I am currently doing an experimental exploration of building inflated structures inside different containers, and researching how the inflates change according to the material/geometry/roughness of the container. I want to plaster the resultant form but I am failing… Could you recommend me the type of balloon and methodology for casting that you used?
And in digital, I used Kangaroo and it works for simple geometries. I would like to test more complex structures as yours, for example.
Any advice, recommendation or idea will be really really helpful! Thank you!!!