Need help in sorting object's face order

I have an object consisting of 15 faces and I want to sort the face order to match with the order of another object that consists of 15 faces as well. May anyone help?

Below is my script
OBJECT (25.5 KB)

Thank you for your help

This is the object that i want to sort the order

This is the reference box

may anyone help please?

Plugins…(don’t have what you have, sorry - next time internalize your objects)

sorry for the inconvenience, let’s check this one instead.

OBJECT (30.7 KB)

You can sort the faces with the Sort Points component. Note that I’ve used an expression on the Points input to round the values to 8 decimal places. Otherwise you will get unexpected results due to floating point noise.

You can see that without rounding the point order is not as expected.

OBJECT (34.6 KB)

I don’t know what your ultimate goal is with this, but you can further organize the brep faces by grouping them by their normals.

OBJECT (35.7 KB)


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sort by Y axis

OBJECT FACE sort by Y (39.8 KB)

sorry for late reply, thank you so much for this method. I just know the component format and I find it useful. In controlling facade design, what can the component format be used in any other way?

Thank you so much for participating in providing the solution, btw Kevin already provided the solution to my desired output.