Need help for Stadium

Hello people I need your help,

I have no experience in Grasshopper, but because of time pressure I should use it for my stadion.
I need to position the seat, i’ve already done it manually, but after changes I need all new. (about 15.000 seats)

I have a lot of lines and have to divide them between start and endpoint evenly. Lines (Different lengths X) should have as many subdivisions as possible but not less than For example 51 cm (. And the block X should be copied to every point.

I don’t know how i can do it. I hope someone can help me, it would be a great time-saving

Many Thanks Andy

Vanilla Grasshopper doesn’t do blocks at all, but I believe there are some plugins that might do it or otherwise there’s scripts out there that can help.

Your division problem isn’t too difficult. You have to import all your lines from Rhino into Grasshopper. Then measure the lengths. You then divide this length by 51cm, usually giving you a number with some decimal digits, like 14.62384. You need to round this value down to the nearest integer, in this case 14. You then know you have to divide your line into 14 equal segments, and hey, you’ve got your insertion points.

It gets a little bit more complicated if you want the first and last chair to align exactly with the ends of each line. You’ll then need to start treating the gap and the chair as separate entities, where the gaps are allowed to grow and shrink, but the chairs are fixed.

Can you upload what you’ve done so far in Grasshopper, then we can build on that.

Here’s a solution to the more complicated problem of treating gaps and seats differently. (20.8 KB)

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Wow Thx, that looks good. I try it right now and try to understand it. But i got the first points so it works

At the moment i draw all lines in rhino maybe i can find a solution that i can choose the rhino lines.

But Thanks, it looks like you save me a lot of time and maybe i can get more sleep than 3 Hours every night :slight_smile:

This should work reasonably well for any kind of curve whose curvature is significantly small enough so that the curve around each seat is nearly straight. If you have curves in Rhino, you can import them fairly easily either by referencing them with a Curve parameter, or by using a Geometry Pipeline to import geometry from a specific Rhino layer.

If this works for you we can start adding the additional controls for actual seats instead of just circles. But for that at the very least a 3dm file with some curves and the block is required.

My first steps in Grasshopper it’s fun to google some stuff and try and error :smiley: now i did it that i create the lines from points.
It works very well to create the lines and points :slight_smile: i will export what i have done so far.
The seats are old when i am done i will have new one.

First Try.3dm (1.3 MB)