Nautilus Curve

Hi all,
Has anyone used Rhino to make a nautilus curve?
Better yet, has anyone made scrollwork like you do when decorating ironwork?
If so, can you share some tips on how you made it?

Have a look at this thread: Any ideas for this one?


Thanks Jeremy.
I had just looked at most of those threads.
They are a bit more complicated than I was hoping for.
Looks like the logarithmic spiral is closest to what I need.
I’m trying to make scrollwork for architectural fencing.
The thing is, it’s not just one spiral.
It’s connected spirals that turn opposite ways, are tangent to each other, and are packed in a defined space. So it’s kind of complex.
I guess it’s going to be a GH thing, so I’d better get my head back into it.
Thanx for the link, it helped.