Named Selections WIP SubD

The selections in the panel are sometimes lost when you reopen a saved file.
If you copy/paste you get two sets of selections, but both is connected to the original.
Selection can follow the object or keep only one set that is identical and activate selections on original and the copy.
If you copy/paste anything, all selections in panel is also doubled.
If you mirror, selections dont follow.

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Please provide More info

Hi, this is a known bug: NamedSelections buggy

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Hi - do you have a model that reliably shows this behavior? In a simple test here, the named selections survived a save and reopen.

I’ve added the other things you mention to the existing item RH-55088.

Try this. Open the file with selection. Copy it or mirror it. then remove and keep only the original. It still works fine. Save it and open again. Selection sets are then lost.

Thanks. I’ve installed a newer internal version in the meanwhile and can’t reproduce the duplication of the selection sets nor the issue with sets getting lost after save and reopen. Please try this again when a new public build is released and then check if you still see this.