Copy and mirror objects with named-selections

Wish in WIP:
When you copy or mirror an object that got named-selections, we like the selections to follow the new object, so it behave identical to the original. You will then activate selections in two objects on the same line in the panel.

Hei Bjørn -

We have a related feature request on our list (RH-58376) but in that request, a duplicate selection set would automatically be created on copy-paste. That sounds like the more flexible way to do things, but you would prefer that the existing selection set was updated with copied geometry?

CC: @Trav

Both strategies is OK :slight_smile: We just like to avoid setting up selections again for the copy.
We work with shoes so mirror is also important.

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named selections on a parent

can be used to update a mirrored child using history-

Thank you!
Interesting! We must check how this fits into our production workflow.